Crimson Province

The Crimson Province is the kingdom dominating the southern half of the East. The land’s terrain is primarily rocky grassland, with more plains, wide valleys, and rivers populating the border of the Cerulean Province. While in the past the Crimsons had been at war with the Ceruleans of the north, there has been a peace between the two provinces for the last few hundred years, based on common interests and trade, though no union of the provinces has been successful.

Terrain and Cities

The Crimson Province is situated closer to the equator of the world than the Cerulean Province, with unmapped deserts and canyon caves past the established southern towns. From there, the deserts give way to hilly grasslands, interrupted by the occasional mountain range. Rivers from the coast carve into the earth, making trade by ship possible further into the mainland. Small towns and villages dot the landscape, all wary of attack from local monsters, but not all claiming loyalty to the Crimson flag.

The capital city Bannercrest sits at the peak of the bay on the coast, serving as the focal point of trade and communication for the Crimson Province. An ancient highway stretches out of the city, connecting the lands outside the capital. From there, the province funnels into valleys and a massive floodplain, serving as the border between the two factions.

History and Factions

Long ago the provinces were founded based on their beliefs in the power of magic. While the Ceruleans were subjugated by powerful magical creatures and beings, the Crimsons harnessed their magical powers and fought back against the tyranny of the Cerulean monsters. Over time, allied magic users brought understanding to the Ceruleans, and the war turned into a standstill, and was finally called off as the factions’ ideals aligned. However, true union between the factions has proved impossible over time, as the old families and clans of the East hold to their differences.

Outside of the people of the Crimson flag, which make up the majority of its citizens, the Crimson Province plays host to many bands of monsters, who attack outlying citizens for plunder and power. There are whispers of a hidden guild of assassins in the mountains of the western border, while rumors of a city deep underground circulate further to the south.

Crimson Province

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