Cerulean Province

The Cerulean Province is the kingdom dominating the northern half of the East. The land’s terrain is primarily forest, with snowy mountains to the north and plains and valleys populating the border of the Crimson Province. While in the past the Ceruleans had been at war with the Crimsons of the south, there has been a peace between the two provinces for the last few hundred years, based on common interests and trade, though no union of the provinces has been successful.

Terrain and Cities

The Cerulean Province is situated nearer the northern point of the world than the Crimson Province, with uncharted snowy mountain ranges to the far north. Further south, the mountains blend into wild forests, punctuated by wild swamps and powerful rivers. Due to its mysteriousness, the forests are home to many camps of intelligent beasts, most of which passively claim allegiance to the Cerulean flag.

The capital city Winterfall sits on the coast, standing as a mighty monument of power and authority over the unforgiving province. A mighty highway snakes from the city through the land, providing a framework of rule and trade for the towns hiding in the land. Further south the forests give way to floodplains and valleys, serving as the border between the two provinces.

History and Factions

Long ago the provinces were founded based on their beliefs in the power of magic. While the Crimsons researched and harnessed the power of magic, the clansmen of the Ceruleans served powerful magical beasts who had long resided in the East. Over time, the Ceruleans turned on their oppressive overlords, and the war turned into a standstill, and was finally called off as the factions’ ideals aligned. However, true union between the factions has proved impossible over time, as the old families and clans of the East hold to their differences.

Outside of the citizens of the Cerulean flag, which compromise the minority of its citizens, the Cerulean Province hosts raiders and savage beasts, fighting each other for dominion of the province. Children of the towns are told horror stories of a vampire clan at the base of the mountains, and rumors of a nest of dragons hidden high above the clouds have been told since the days of the war.

Cerulean Province

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