Oswald the Overladen

Traveling merchant with rare and random items.


Oswald is a cheery middle-aged human male, with a permanent hunched back from carrying his wares. His clothes were once colorful, but are now faded and ragged from the road; it appears he hasn’t had either the funds or interest in maintaining his physical appearance. He is never seen without a mound of supplies and goods piled upon his back, which looks too heavy to carry more than a mile.


To most residents of the East, Oswald is a strange old man with a never-ending stream of half-true stories to tell, coming and going at random. But to weary travelers and studiers of rare artifacts, Oswald is a welcome companion. Oswald will tell of how he has lived with the orcs and ogres of the uncharted lands to the west, how he has scaled every mountain and learned every tunnel and cave of the eastern provinces, out of sheer curiosity. He does so, and has always done so, on foot; he claims that horses “slow him down.” From these travels he has gathered random and rare items from all over the world, and will eagerly sell them to the party for what he believes they are worth.

Oswald the Overladen

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